Richard Bewes visiting Weston Bible Week

Rev Richard Bewes O.B.E. is to be the speaker for the Weston Bible Week on 22nd to 24th September 2009 at Christ Church, Montpelier, Weston-super-Mare.

His theme for the three evenings will be ‘The power of the Word, the Spirit & the Blood’ and will include teaching on passages from Psalm 119, Ezekiel 37 and Hebrews chapter 9.

Speaking of his visit to Weston, Richard said, ‘It will be an honour to come amongst the churches of Weston for the Bible Week, and to attempt some mighty themes of the Scriptures.

Some people's Bibles consist of a few psalms and some chapters from the New Testament - but lets aspire to do better than this.

You've heard of Diet Cokes; let’s not be content with a Diet Bible.’
Full details of the event are available on the Weston Bible Week website or please call Rev Keith Hallett on 01934 413711.



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