Bible Week Plus - Friday March 21st 2014


George Carey - We dont do GodBible Week are delighted to be welcoming Rev George Carey (Baron Carey of Clifton) who will present on the theme ‘We don’t do God’.

Background on George Carey: He is a genuine East Ender, having been educated at local primary and secondary modern schools. He was the first archbishop for a long time who was not from either Oxford or Cambridge Universities.

He studied for O-levels after National Service then went for ordination into the Anglican Church. He was Vicar of St Nicholas Church, Durham which spawned his book ‘Church in the Market Place’ that detailed one of the first attempts to open city Centre churches to the shopping public providing full time ministry, bookshops and coffee/food.

George became principle of Trinity Theological College (Bristol) in 1982, became Bishop of Bath and Wells in 1988 and then Archbishop between 1991 and 2002 when he was appointed a life peer and became Baron Carey of Clifton.

The subject of his Bible Week address is taken from the title of his book ‘We don’t do God’. This was a statement made by Alistair Campbell when he interrupted Tony Blair who seemed to be heading towards making a Christian statement i.e. ending a speech with the phrase 'God bless you'. George Carey’s book takes the statement as a symptom of the marginalisation of Public faith in the U.K. and will address how he sees Christians are viewed today in public life. There will be time for questions after he has spoken.

The event takes place at Bristol Road Baptist Church, Weston-super-Mare at 7.30pm on Friday March 21st 2014. Entry is free. A collection will be taken towards expenses. On-street parking is available around the church.



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